It is good practice to get your dog use to staying at kennels. This is especially important for puppies or newly owned dogs. Even if you are not yet due on holiday you may find it useful to book your dog in for a period of a couple of days to allow your dog to become familiar with the kennels. It may help to give you peace of mind when you do go on a long holiday knowing that your dog has already stayed at a kennels and is use to the routine.   Try not to leave it too late in the day to arrive with your dog. Either arrive during the morning opening hours or just after 4pm in the afternoon (from mon-sat only). This will allow your dog plenty of time to acclimatise and enjoy exercising in the paddocks before settling in for the night.   Bring something that is familiar to your dog. Either you’re dog’s own blanket or a favourite cuddly toy. Alternatively bring something that smell of you. Either an old t-shirt you have been wearing or some socks out of the washing bin. This will help to comfort your dog over the first night.   Bring treats for your dog. A long lasting chew or a Kong that can be filled with treats will help to keep your dog occupied while you are leaving or overnight.   It is best to put your dog in the kennel and walk away. Its is natural that you will want to comfort and reasure your dog but looking into the kennel and fussing over the dog will only make him feel anxious. Especially if they can sense your hesitation at leaving them. Dogs rarely like being left initially, particulary when in an unfamiliar environment. They may whine or bark when you walk away but they generally settle suprisingly quickly and there is always plenty of activity going on to take up there attention once you leave. We always wait until you have left the premises before allowing your dog access to its run. This is to allow them to acclimatise then gives them something to think about once you have left. It also prevents them seeing you leaving, as this may upset them. And you!   Try not to worry! Once your dog is settled in he will probably be having more fun than you! If there are any problems we can contact you or you can leave details of a friend or family member to be contacted. We will be honest about your dogs stay. If he has been at all unwell for any reason or not enjoyed the stay we will advise you.   Please note the house on the premises is private. You may park in front of the house but please walk straight on up the driveway to the kennels/cattery.  Please keep dogs on a lead bring bags to clean up after them.   Anyone arriving outside opening hours will be turned away unless collecting a dog from an arranged booking at the grooming parlour.   If you have any queries or concerns about boarding your dog/puppy for the first time feel free to contact me on 07921 461 649   Jo Quinlan - The Manager